Narex Screwdriver PoziDriv Blade

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    Narex Screwdriver PoziDriv Blade

    Pozi-tively Better! PoziDriv Screwdriver

    Known as an improvement to the Phillips Head screwdriver the PoziDriv was designed to allow more torque and greater engagement. The PoziDriv head has parallel flanks and a blunt tip with additional smaller ribs to the main slots.

    These screwdrivers are suitable for those preferring tradition and for work under difficult conditions. Finely crafted tools with stained beech handle and varnished. A black finish to the working part of the blade and a hex nut for a spanner at the base of the handle.



    • treated highly alloyed Cr-V steel
    • with HEX for nut spanner
    • through to the end of the handle
    • chrome plated surface
    • working part black finish


    • triangular cross section
    • beech stained wood, varnished
    • suitable for transferring small impacts
    PoziDriv #1 80mm
    $17.90 (inc GST)
    PoziDriv #2 100mm
    $19.90 (inc GST)
    PoziDriv #3 150mm
    $26.90 (inc GST)

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