Narex Drawknife - 150mm

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    Narex Drawknife - 150mm N-828100

    A drawknife is a traditional woodworking hand tool used to shape wood by removing shavings one by one. They can be used to create faceted work, debark wood, create cylindrical parts and smooth surfaces. If you want to work wood with hand tools, then check out these Carving Drawknives from Narex. Quality tools for the enthusiast and professional woodworker alike.

    Drawknives are a versatile tool great for a range of disciplines including shaping and smoothing wooden surfaces. If you want to emphasise the “handmade” characteristics of your work, consider using a drawknife.

    Narex Drawknives

    The blades are forged from chrome steel and hardened to 55 HRc for excellent edge retention. The blades on the straight knives are straight end-to-end and along the entire cutting edge. Blades are 3.5mm thick by 16mm wide. Cutting edge is 150mm long. The comfortable European Elm handles are 100mm in length by 25mm in diameter and are angled away from the cutting edge for clearance. Overall length is 315mm. Comes with a leather edge protector.

    Key Features



    • European made drawknives for finely controlled shaving
    • Polished straight blade - only requires final honing
    • Shaped European Elm handles
    • Supplied in a protective leather cover  

    Who is Narex?

    Established more than 100 years ago, Narex is European tool manufacturer located in the Czech Republic. Narex produce a wide range of quality tools for woodworking distributed all around the world.

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