Narex Corner Cleaning Cabinet Chisel

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    Narex Corner Cleaning Cabinet Chisel N-813410

    Narex Corner Cleaning Cabinet Chisel

    Produced in the Czech Republic, this corner cutting chisel is forged from highly alloyed chrome-manganese steel, and heat-treatment hardened to Rc59. The blades are accurately ground and fully sharpened so are virtually ready for use out of the box and meet the German DIN 5139 standard.

    This special corner cleaning chisel enables the smooth and precise squaring of corners at a 90º angle after a mortice has been cut out by hand or with a machine. The square section size is 10 x 10mm so it can handle cutting square corners in all material.

    The unfinished Hornbeam handle sits comfortably in the hand. A brass ferrule secures the tang to the handle with a working depth of approximately 60mm. The blade length is approximately 120mm from tip to bolster with an overall length of around 265mm long.

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