MPOWER Strop Polishing Wax

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    MPOWER Strop Polishing Wax

    Do you want a super sharp razor edge? Then check out these MPOWER Strop Polishing waxes, perfect for anyone wanting to strop their edge tools razor sharp quickly and easily.

    Available in three grits, choose the preferred option from the dropdown menu

    Three grades of stropping wax

    MPOWER have created three unique blends of 60g strop polishing wax sticks. Each with their own abrasive grit level.

    • Orange *1800# grit – for a sharp blade
    • White *2500# grit – for a very sharp blade
    • Blue *5000# grit – for a razor sharp blade

    Choose your preferred option form the dropdown menu above.

    Stropping - the final frontier to a razor-sharp blade

    Stropping is the final step in creating a truly sharp edge. Stropping removes any excess metal from the blade, in particular the tiny ‘wire’ that is create when sharpening the bevel. Stropping also polishes the blade, removing all the tiny scratches to a reveal a razor-sharp cutting edge.

    What is strop polishing wax?

    Strop polishing wax is extremely fine abrasive used to polish your blade in conjunction with your leather strop. MPOWER strop polishing wax is made with Aluminium oxide suspended in a wax medium. During the stropping process, the oxide particles down the microscopically abrading and polishing the blade edge. Resulting in a superior, finer and longer lasting edge.

    How to strop your blade

    Simply apply the wax to the leather strop by rubbing the wax stick in a single direction along the length of the strop. Then drag your blade along the strop away from the cutting edge in smooth long strokes. Avoid mixing different grits of stropping wax on your strop.

    Who is MPOWER?

    The origins of MPOWER Tools lie in a woodshop, in a derelict barn, in the West Country of England. 25 years later MPOWER continues to design, develop and manufacture innovative tools, exporting to more than 16 countries Worldwide.



    Model SKU

    MP-20167 (Orange 1800 grit)

    MP-20169 (White 2500 grit)

    MP-20171 (Blue 5000 grit)



    Orange - 1800 grit - 60g
    $20.90 (inc GST)
    White - 2500 grit - 60g
    $20.90 (inc GST)
    Blue - 5000 grit - 60g
    $20.90 (inc GST)

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