Milescraft SandDevil 1.5 Hand Sander

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    Milescraft SandDevil 1.5 Hand Sander

    Quick-load, manual sanding block that delivers power tool results with hand-sanding precision.

    The Milescraft SandDevil 1.5 has a multi-surface design that provides 5 different sanding surfaces for different applications. This sanding tool makes it easy to change abrasive belts quickly and easily, using the patented Clever Lever. To save time, many users keep more than one SandDevil handy, each with a different grit.

    SandDevil 1.5 Features

    • Includes standard 40mm x 303mm #80 grit cloth-backed sanding belt
    • Multi-Surface Design has 5 sanding surfaces for flat, angled, curved and edge sanding
    • Patented Clever Lever design allows for quick and easy change/rotation of the sanding belt.

    The kit option (available to purchase in the drop-down menu) includes the SandDevil 1.5 and one pack of each of the three grit replacement belts.


    Length 140mm
    Width 40mm
    Height 25mm
    Belt Size 40mm x 303mm


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