Milescraft Router Design & Inlay Kit

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    Milescraft Router Design & Inlay Kit MC-1207

    The SpiroCrafter Inlay Kit creates beautiful designs and inlays

    The core of the Milescraft Design/Inlay Kit is the indexing ring and four template patterns that fall into place in-line with the 16-position indexing marks. This allows you to create multiple patterns at various precise intersections from the centre starting point.

    The user manual contains 25 design ideas, plus instructions on the best way to create your own designs. Multiple sizes of common inlay shapes are also included. The pencil guide and pencil duplicate the cutting path of the router allowing you to practice your designs before cutting the project material. 

    Kit includes: 

    TurnLock Base Plate, 3 TurnLock Bushings, Centering pin, 6.4mm V-Groove and 3.2mm spiral router bits, Template base, 4 Templates, Pencil Guide, Pencil, Mounting Screws, and Manual.

    $99.00 (inc GST)

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