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  • Milescraft DrillPump

    The DrillPump300 is designed to work with most electrical drills with a maximum speed of 2,800 RPM, with an output of at least 600 W. This water transfer pump is ideal for draining small ponds, fish tanks, small pools, or even a flooded basement. The hose connection is 1/2” and uses any 1/2” hose. The unit pumps up to 300 gallons per hour and is self-priming up to 9 feet. The 3/8” shank on this unit fits all common chucks for most drills.

    DrillPump300 Features:

    • Pumps up to 300 gallons (1,300 litres) per hour
    • Self-priming up to 9 feet
    • 3/8” shank on this unit fits all common chucks
    • 1/2″ hose connection

    DrillPump750 Features:

    • Pumps up to 750 (3000 litres) gallons per hour
    • Self-priming up to 12 feet
    • 3/8” shank on this unit fits all common chucks
    • 3/4″ hose connection, for use with a standard garden hose

    Tips & Tricks:

    • The power drill may only be operated in clockwise rotation, never run DrillPump in reverse
    • DrillPump will not turn by hand, this must be chucked to the drill.
    • DrillPump must be mounted for proper usage, do not hold in hand.
    • After every use apply a small amount of silicone grease. To apply, remove the black housing screws and cover, and put a bit of grease on the housing where the rubber fan blades touch, then reassemble. Any spray lubricants, such as WD-40, are not recommended, as they do not provide sufficient lubrication for this product and can cause damage to the internals of the pump.
    • Do not get the drill wet, or use the drill pump with flammable liquids.
    • The direction of flow is indicated by an arrow on the housing.
    • The delivery rate can be regulated by the speed of the power drill.

    1300 Litres Per Hour
    $14.90 (inc GST)
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    3000 Litres Per Hour
    $21.90 (inc GST)

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