Milescraft Drill Press & Workbench Hold Down Clamps

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    Milescraft Drill Press & Workbench Hold Down Clamps

    Milescraft Drill Press and Work Bench Hold Down Clamps are cost-effective and tremendously reliable

    These versatile hold-downs are great for repetitive clamping work in a variety of applications. Most commonly they are attached to the drill press tables for holding work whilst being machined and clamping pressure is applied and released in a snap by squeezing on the handle.

    The integral wheel at the end of the handle adjusts the clamping pressure and thickness so it can be dialed in quickly to set the necessary force on the work piece - it works effectively from very thin, delicate pieces all the way to thick and high-pressure applications. 

    Workbench Hold-Down Standard 76mm 3in

    The hold-downs can also be mounted into workbench tops, t-track, jigs and other fixtures so you can use them in a variety of applications. The folded steel construction will withstand years of heavy use, with comfortable rubberised plastic handles and non-marring boots on the steel jaws to prevent marring on timber work pieces. 

    The thread in the base of the clamp is 5/16in so to adapt to use in standard 5/16in t-track, use a 5/16in t-bolt (available separately) and either use the shortest length bolt or alternatively cut the bolt down to size to suit the application.

    Available in two sizes - 

    • 76mm (3in) Jaw Capacity with 95mm Throat Depth
    • 150mm (6in) Jaw Capacity with 150mm Throat Depth
    76mm Jaw Capacity
    $47.90 (inc GST)
    150mm Jaw Capacity
    $54.90 (inc GST)

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