Micro Jig BLADECLEAN Saw Blade & Router Bit Cleaning Station

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    Micro Jig BLADECLEAN Saw Blade & Router Bit Cleaning Station BC-81012

    The BLADECLEAN Blade and Bit Cleaning System is the quickest, safest and most enjoyable way to clean your saw blades and router bits. BLADECLEAN is perfect for anyone who is serious about keeping their blades and bits in optimal condition.

    Clean blades equal clean cuts. Dirty blades and bits put stress on your machine, generate more heat and are often mistaken as dull. This situation means blades are often unnecessarily sent off for sharpening while all they really need is a quick cleaning.

    Micro Jig BLADECLEAN Saw Blade & Router Bit Cleaning Station

    Cleaning saw blades can be tedious and time consuming. The BLADECLEAN system shortens the entire job to just a few minutes. Quickly clean an entire side of your saw blade in a single motion, and without harsh chemicals. The BLADECLEAN seals in liquid so it can be stored away for later use. You’ll already be set up the next time you need to clean a blade or bit. Spend less time cleaning and more time woodworking. Check out the video below to learn more.

    No bare hand contact with cutting edges or chemicals

    The included magnetic handle attaches to your saw blade, so your skin doesn't come into contact with harsh chemicals or sharp cutting edges.

    Industrial grade aluminium-oxide cleaning pads

    No more wire brushing! The included scouring pad is uniquely suited to reach every nook and cranny of your saw blade at once. Clean an entire side of the blade in a single motion.

    Clean a variety of router bit sizes at once

    The router bit holder lets you soak and clean up to five bits in record time using the included scouring discs. Compatible with 1/4in, 1/2in, 6mm, 8mm and 12mm shank sizes.

    Who are Micro Jig

    Micro Jig produces a range of woodworking tools are designed to let creativity guide your work. Micro Jig tools allow you to achieve incredible precision easily and safely, which makes woodworking more enjoyable.

    What solvent should I use?

    Use your preferred cleaner. Can be Simple Green, Fabuloso, Pinesol, or whatever you like. No need for harsh solvents and chemicals.

    Will it work with a 12in blade?

    Yes, the BLADECLEAN cleaning well is designed to work with blades from 7in up to 12in.

    How long will the BLADECLEAN Pad last?

    It depends on how often you clean your blades, yet Micro Jig testing shows that the average woodworker will get several hundred cleanings before needing to replace the pad.

    How often do you change the cleaning solution?

    The dirt from cleaning tends to sink down through the pad, so it does not affect the cleaning process. When the solution is difficult to see through, it should be replaced.

    What is the right speed for the aluminium oxide cleaning discs?

    8,000 to 10,000 rpm provides the best balance between cleaning speed and disc life.

    Can I clean router bits with bearings?

    Yes, but you should remove the bearing before submerging the bit in cleaning solution. Many common household cleaners contain degreaser and can affect the bearing’s performance.

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