Matsui 50mm Precision Square

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    Matsui 50mm Precision Square SM-5

    Do you love the quality of Japanese woodworking tools? Do you need a precise, high-quality square? Then check out this Matsui 50mm Precision Square. A beautiful marking and measuring tool for woodworkers who expect the best from their hand tools.

    Matsui produce some of the best marking and measuring tools available. This Matsui 50mm Precision Square is used for setting 90 degree angles and can be used for measuring and marking out joints. It features Metric markings on both faces and a Kakume scale on the back face.

    Robust and accurate

    Matsui precision squares are welded firmly together using electricity to prevent them from loosening or wobbling over time. The edges are polished to a smooth surface to enhance usability and increase accuracy. This is a very accurate square suitable for a broad range of marking and measuring tasks where accuracy is critical.

    Features and benefits

    • Precise 90 degree angle for accurate setting out
    • Easy to read Metric and Kakume scales for precise marking out
    • Smoothed edges for comfort and increased accuracy
    • Precise, robust construction for long life and lasting performance
    • Made from hardened stainless steel, robust and rust resistant
    • Supplied in a protective pouch
    • Made in Japan

    Measurement scales

    This Matsui Precision Square features two measurement scales:

    • Front face - Metric scale 50mm
    • Back face – Metric scale 35mm, plus Kakume scale
    • Overall dimensions 40 x 50mm

    What is the Kakume scale?

    A Kakume scale is used to determine the size of square that can be cut from a round piece of material. For example, when the Kakume Scales indicates 30 as the diameter of a piece of circular material, then the largest possible square that may be cut from that circle is 30mm along one edge.

    Who are Matsui

    Matsui are a Japanese tool company renowned world-wide for making precision measuring instruments.

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