Luci Clear Resin Pigment Paste - Blue

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    Luci Clear Resin Pigment Paste - Blue RPP-100-BE

    Luci Clear Blue Resin Pigment Paste 100g

    Luci Colour Pigment Paste, by Luci Clear. Displaying a strong colour, Luci Clear Pigment Paste is non-toxic, has good light fastness and mixes well into epoxy resin systems. It is ideal for interior and exterior applications and perfect for resin art.

    The colour comes from the interference and the properties of the chemicals in the thin film. 

    Luci Clear Resin Pigments can be incorporated into any epoxy resin system. Depending on the amount and how even the dispersion is required, it may be necessary to first mix them into a small amount of resin until they are evenly dispersed - then mix this dispersion into the main body of the resin system.


    Ideal for indoor and external use

    A little goes a long way

    Perfect for epoxy colouring

    Strong colour







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