Luban Bronze Knuckle Cap Apron Plane

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    Luban Bronze Knuckle Cap Apron Plane

    The Apron Plane is every woodworker’s constant companion. Keep it near at hand so it can be used for the countless little tasks for which a router is too cumbersome to set up. Regular use of the Apron Plane will see beginning woodworkers’ results improve, while more experienced craftspeople will find the Apron Plane an indispensable time-saver. 

    Available in two versions with different bed angles; please select from the drop-down menu.

    It’s Portable & Handy

    As the name suggests, the Luban Knuckle Cap Apron Plane fits nicely into the pocket on your apron, or the pockets in your cargo shorts. Need to quickly trim end-grain, or arris a board, or flush trim dowel joints? Just reach into your pocket and you have the perfect tool nestled perfectly in the palm of your hand.

    It’s Accurate

    The Norris adjuster gives precise control over the depth of cut and the squareness of the blade. The blade is locked firmly in place by the machined lever cap screw so you can sure that the tool is ready for use every single time you need it.

    It’s Cute!

    OK, so you’re not going to spend all day gazing at your tools – you’re going to actually use them! But a little bit of beauty in the workshop is not a bad thing and in fact it’s a pleasure to use an attractive, functional tool. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but we reckon that the Luban bronze apron plane is one of the prettiest planes around. 

    It’s High Performance

    The 25° blade on the LPB-102 is set bevel-up on a bed whose angle is 12°, creating a total cutting angle of 37°. This is perfect for end grain work, and can also be used with confidence across the grain on ribbon figure, beeswing figure or similar tricky grain configurations. The 25° blade on the LPB-103 is set bevel-up on a bed whose angle is 20°, creating a total cutting angle of 45°. This is better for planing along the grain, when easing an edge or trimming thin panels for example.  

    The blade is made from T10 steel, which is often used to make samurai swords! It will need minimal honing before use.

    Body material

    Cast Bronze

    Blade steel


    Blade Hardness

    60 HRc

    Cutting width


    Blade Bevel


    Bed Angle





    137 x 40mm

    Low 12 bed angle
    $139.90 (inc GST)
    Out of Stock
    Standard 20 bed angle
    $139.90 (inc GST)
    Apron Bronze Plane Blade
    $29.90 (inc GST)

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