Lathe Disc Sander Attachment

  • Lathe Disc Sander Attachment LSAND-1012

    Get more from your lathe with this clever disc sanding attachment. Quickly turn your lathe into a powerful precision disc sander for all those sanding and shaping jobs that can’t be done by hand. A must-have accessory for all turners, whether professional or enthusiast. 

    The disc sander is the fastest way to accurately shape and sand smaller parts. But not every workshop has the space for a dedicated standalone disc sander. That’s where the LSAND-1012 comes in! If you have a lathe, you also have a very handy 9-inch disc sander at your disposal. 

    The disc of the LSAND-1012 fits directly onto M30x3.5 spindle threads, while the table attaches easily to the lathe’s bed. The height of the sander’s table can be adjusted to suit lathes with larger or smaller swings.  

    Use your lathe’s speed adjustment to fine-tune the rotation of the disc to suit the job. When fitted with 60 or 80 grit abrasive, the disc sander removes material rapidly and makes short work of shaping tasks in a variety of materials. With higher grit sandpaper it performs tricky finishing operations with ease. Whether you are working in softwoods or the hardest of Australian hardwoods, or even bone, acrylic or plastics, you’ll power through with a minimum of fuss.  

    The work table is flat, smooth and easy to adjust, allowing you to achieve specific angles on your workpiece with perfect repeatability. The table has a 17mm mitre channel, providing a stable platform for sliding jigs and the included mitre guide. 

    Sanding creates a huge amount of fine dust, making dust collection a major priority in your workshop.  The LSAND-1012 has a 36mm extraction port connected to a snug-fitting manifold, allowing you to direct the airflow to where it is needed most and minimising the dust nuisance. 

    NOTE: the included abrasive disc comes stuck to the disc with adhesive; we recommend installing a Velcro disc adaptor for quicker abrasive changes. 

    Disc Size

    9in (228mm)

    Table height from Lathe bed

    Low position: 125mm

    High position: 149mm

    Table Size

    315 x 130mm

    Mitre Track


    $139.90 (inc GST)

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