Knuckle Cap Rebate Plane

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    Knuckle Cap Rebate Plane

    Luban's Knuckle Cap Rebate Plane is a broad, comfortable shoulder plane

    Similar to the specifications of the knuckle-cap block planes with a 165 x 44mm body and 44mm blade that is able to reach into an internal corner.

    Best to think of it as a broad, comfortable shoulder plane rather than a block plane with added versatility and it pays to treat the open sides a little more gently than a standard block plane, particularly when it comes to tightening down the iron. 

    The continuous U section of a standard plane provides a good deal of its stiffness, making it more important than usual to apply the minimum force necessary to hold the blade in position on this plane due to the design.

    Block Rabbet Plane Features

    • 3.2mm-thick high-carbon tool steel blade ground with 25° bevel
    • Solid cast bronze knuckle cap
    • Solid brass and steel knobs and fittings
    • Stress relieved ductile iron castings precision machined and lapped smooth and square
    • Comes with low 12 ½° bed angle.

    What do we love about Luban's Rebating Rabbet Block Planes?

    The linishing on all of Luban's planes are brilliantly fine and perfect for smooth, accurate planing straight out of the box with no burnishing or sanding required. The build qualities across the range, especially on the bronze knuckle cap models such as these, make them phenomenal looking and working planes with hard-wearing materials purpose-designed for tough workshop conditions.

    Rebate Plane
    $169.90 (inc GST)
    Replacement Plane Iron
    $34.90 (inc GST)

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