Kirschen Straight Carpenters Drawknife

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    Kirschen Straight Carpenters Drawknife KIR-4003120

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    Drawknives are deal for the efficient removal of large quantities of wood, such as carving, sculpture or shaping, or even removing the bark from trees. If you're an avid woodworker looking for a reliable and time-saving product for regular work, Kirschen's range of hand-knives provide a traditional, time-tested solution.


    • Straight ergonomically-designed drawknife 
    • Two comfortable hardwood handles 
    • 120mm polished high-quality steel blade

    Which drawknife should I buy?

    The drawknife consists of a single-edged blade, with handles at both ends.You pull the draw knife across the workpiece toward you. Drawknives are used for debarking branches and trunks, for working beams and also by sculptors or bow makers for rough shaping.

    Similar to the curved drawknives but with a completely straight blade that is better to create flat or square finished pieces, the curved drawknives are better-suited to rounded work.

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