Kirschen Chip Carving Knife 3362

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    Kirschen Chip Carving Knife 3362 KIR-3362

    Kirschen 3362 Chip Carving Knife

    A quality Chip Carving Knife with a Straight Edge and short Hornbeam Handle. It's a great knife for specialty carving applications and projects. Hand forged from German steel, this knife is made with great craftsmanship.

    Kirschen (Two Cherries) is a family owned Germany company that has been in business for over 155 years. Since 1858, they have been producing high quality woodworking tools using the finest steel available.

    Cutting Edge Length 38mm
    Blade Thickness 1.5mm
    Blade Width 12.5mm
    Handle Length  101mm
    $28.90 (inc GST)

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