Kirschen #7 Profile Bent Blade Carving Chisel

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    Kirschen #7 Profile Bent Blade Carving Chisel

    Chisel away at something great.

    Available individually with either a 20mm or 25mm edge. Please select your choice from the drop-down menu.

    Please Note: 25mm size features Steel Hoop on the end while the 20mm does not.

    #7 Profile Bent Gouge Carving Chisel with Octagonal Hornbeam Handle. Features a shank that is bent along its entire length which is specially designed for deep cuts.

    Why Kirschen Carving Tools?

    Kirschen, or Two Cherries, have been manufacturing some of the finest carving tools in the world for over 155 years. From the idyllic north-German city of Remscheid, these carving tools aren’t just another chisel.

    In German, Kirschen translates to cherries, which on the surface may seem a strange choice of title for the renowned German brand. 

    But there is a certain sweetness to a company that’s been family owned for one and a half centuries and manufactures in their hometown, forging their blades by hand.


    • Hand-forged blades treated in salt immersion baths
    • Rockwell hardness rated at 61Rc
    • Polished rich finish
    • Octagonal Hornbeam Handle for greater grip and stability

    Kirschen pride themselves on bringing a level of finesse to what some may call ‘grunt work’. The fact they’re so reliable is just the cherry on top.  

    20mm Edge - #7 Chisel
    $83.90 (inc GST)
    25mm Edge - #7 Chisel
    $94.90 (inc GST)

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