Kaizen Foam Knives

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    Kaizen Foam Knives

    Specialised Kaizen Foam Knives for precisely cutting Kaizen Foam 

    While you can use a standard trimmer to cut Kaizen Foam, the inexpensive Standard Blade Kaizen Knife has a triple-edge blade that is 50% sharper than standard blades, with a comfortable moulded rubber grip, a double-tooth steel track for a positive action and auto blade lock. This makes them a lot more accurate and prevents tear-out or misshapen pieces that fit tools awkwardly.

    The blunt hook at the other end is great for cutting through sticky tape making it a great box opener in a warehouse or workshop environment. We use these here at Timbecon all the time and reckon they're great!

    Kaizen Blade Knife Features

    • Purpose-built for cutting kaizen foam extremely accurately and easily
    • No misshapen pieces, no tear out
    • 50% sharper blade than standard workshop blades
    • Fantastic for all uses, a general all-rounder fantastic blade
    • Double-tooth steel track for a positive action
    • Auto blade lock
    • Hooked end is perfect for sticky tape and box opening
    • Comfortable moulded rubber grip
    • Offers a thin blade option as well for tight contour shapes

    Kaizen Foam Thin Blade Knife 

    FastCap have developed a new Thin Blade Kaizen Knife featuring an extra thin blade ideal for cutting tight contour shapes in Kaizen foam. It has a more durable metal and rubberized plastic grip than the standard knife - being a specialty knife it will be durable for longer in a workshop environment. 

    Thin Blade Kaizen Knife
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    Standard Blade Kaizen Knife
    $7.90 (inc GST)
    Thin Blade Replacement Bladed Pack of 10
    $5.90 (inc GST)

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