Fastcap 3rd Hand Laser Mount Accessory Kit for 3rd Hand System

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    Fastcap 3rd Hand Laser Mount Accessory Kit for 3rd Hand System FC-80085

    The Fastcap Third Hand Lasermount is an absolute beast!

    We can't get enough of these Fastcap 3rd Hand innovations for good reason - they just keep coming out with these nifty ways to make the support arms even more useful. If you're using lasers for measuring, marking or any project that needs that sort of accuracy, you can't go past these.

    Fastcap's LaserMount utilizes a powerful neodymium magnet and a thumb lock to securely attach your laser to the 3rd Hand. The laser line becomes the actual line you work from, eliminating the need for chalk lines. Position any laser exactly where you want it with micro adjust precision.


    The LaserMount will fit on the 3rd Hand HD, the 3rd Hand Upper Hand, or 1” EMT. It will work with any laser with a 1/4-20 mounting point.  Buy it separately, or included in the Laserjamb LJ4 Pro. The new Micro-Adjust knob provides an additional 3/8" of vertical adjustability. The LaserMount can hold a laser up to 6-1/2" wide and roughly 6lbs or less.

    Check out Paul Combi's review video he sent in, it speaks for itself!

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