Ikeuchi Shirabiki V Pointed Japanese Marking Knife - 15mm Wide

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    Ikeuchi Shirabiki V Pointed Japanese Marking Knife - 15mm Wide IK-2415-VA

    The simplistic design of this marking knife is great for marking out joinery.  Either dovetail or mortise and tenon, the sword tip design permits left- or right-hand use.  Unlike western style marking knife which comes with handles, this Japanese marking knife allows the user to have great control. 

    The 15mm wide blade is laminated to a layer of softer carbon steel. This construction, combined with a hollow-ground back and wide bevel, makes it easy to sharpen.  It's beautifully finished in matt silver colour with hammered pattern makes it a pleasure to use and a must have in your tool chest.

    Mr. Ikeuchi master blacksmith along with his fellow blacksmiths hand forge, grind, & sharpen these knives. White high carbon steel laminated on top with a softer layer of steel allowing the blade to be hardened to Rockwell 64. With all steel as it becomes harder & tougher, it will be more brittle & can snap in half, the soft steel lamination arrests this possibility. These knives we carry from Mr. Ikeuchi are beveled ground on one side only & flat to edge on the underside yet hollow ground as a common practice to facilitate less time in re-honing to a sharp edge. 


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