Health of Mind Art Translucent Colour Dye - Burgundy

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    Health of Mind Art Translucent Colour Dye - Burgundy TDH-020-BG

    Health of Mind Art Translucent Colour Dye - Burgundy 20ml

    Translucent colour dyes designed for see through type castings and are suitable in most casting resins however have been designed and tested against our Health of Mind Art epoxy systems. Colour may appear slightly different in other brands of resin. Each ink is sealed and comes with a pointed nozzle for use

    How To Use

    Start with a few drops depending on how much resin you are tinting, these dyes are highly pigmented so over use of the dyes can cause you to have an opaque effect. Start small and build to your desired tint level.

    Who is Health of Mind Art?


    Health of Mind Art was founded by former AFL player Dayne Beams. He recalls: “In June 2019 I was admitted into a rehab facility for a gambling and drug addiction that was controlling my life and ultimately having a huge impact on my mental health… and part of the alternative forms of therapy was art therapy, the first time I spent in the art room I fell in love and had all of a sudden found something that was so beneficial for my mind.” It was this humble beginning, combined with a lack of satisfaction with the quality of resins available, that lead Dayne to found Health of Mind Art.


    Health of Mind Art is 100% Australian owned and made, by makers for makers. They manufacture and sell high quality epoxies specifically formulated for artistic needs and long-term results. Health of Mind Art products are to subject to rigorous quality control within the Australian manufacturing industry.


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