Flocking Powder Applicator Gun

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    Flocking Powder Applicator Gun FLOCKGUN

    Pour your fibres into the base and gently slide the other tube (with the holes) over the one filled with fibre. With the Mini Flocker filled approximately 1/2 full, pump the unmarked cardboard tube continuously using a twisting motion.

    The twisting will allow space for the air to circulate the fibres within the Mini Flocker and help move the fibres inside the applicator while the pumping will blow them out. Hold the Mini Flocker 200 - 250mm from your project on an angle of 45 - 90° to apply the fibres. Apply more fibres than you think you need and then some more. You cannot overcoat—only so much will stick. Excess fibres may be reclaimed and reused. Best for use on horizontal projects.
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