Flat Sole Spokeshaves

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    Flat Sole Spokeshaves

    Luban's incredibly attractive Flat Sole Spokeshaves in cast iron or rust-free bronze with Bubinga handles. 

    Some tools are so beautifully made and finely crafted that you almost don't want to use them. But that's why we love Luban - we've put these spokeshaves through some serious beatings in our workshop over the past five years and they look just as good and work just as well as the day we opened them.

    Spokeshaves are, in essence, very short soled planes for working curved surfaces. Used for refining convex, biconvex, slightly concave, and flat surfaces after initial shaping with other hand tools, a bandsaw and rasps. These delightful 265mm flat sole spokeshaves have a 50mm wide T10 cutting iron hardened to RC60-63. Either made from a cast-iron or rust-free bronze body with comfortable bubinga handles.

    Spokeshaves are lovely tools to use, especially when you are really 'in the zone' as you need to be very aware of the grain to get the best from them. Always work with the grain, on a straight grained piece of timber this means working towards the centre of concave shapes and away from the centre of convex ones; i.e. always going downhill.

    Luban Spokeshave Features

    Body material: Iron or rust-free bronze
    Handles: Bubinga
    Blade steel: T10
    Hardness of blade: 59-63
    Cutting edge: Honed to 25 degrees
    Weight: 480g
    Size: 265mm L * 50mm W (cutting)

    Why do we love Luban Spokeshaves?

    They have a great sized mouth which means they boast a surprisingly fantastic capacity for the relatively small size - very good for your average spokeshave. The machining is top quality across all Luban spokeshaves and the build materials put into the body are all top of the line.

    Every Luban spokeshave is designed to last a lifetime, with extremely hard-wearing materials across the board. The design of the spokeshaves themselves is also brilliantly time tested, based on an industry standard design that's been around for donkey's years. 

    Cast Iron Body
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    Cast Bronze Body
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    Replacement Iron
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