Fastcap Zero Clearance Tape

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    Fastcap Zero Clearance Tape FC-05432


    The most incredible precision woodworking tape

    Zero Clearance Tape brings a whole new level of precision to your mitre saw. Simply apply over the throat of your saw to eliminate chip out and create an exact reference for line up. Made from durable PVC, they will last for many jobs.

    Each strip measures 51 x 406mm and you get five strips in each pack – great value for money, so easy to use and a real money saver in clean cuts.


    • Universal fit means you can use it on 2 x 16in strips!
    • 51x405mm in a great value pack of five strips
    • Eliminates chipping and tearout and is a lifesaver on fine workpieces or delicate timber
    • Line up your marked boards with the exact line edge

    Check it out being used in the video on the mitre saw as originally intended, and also on your table saw for even more flexibility!

    It can be used with a table saw, especially if your plate is lowered. The total thickness is 0.021" so it won't affect the angle too much.

    If you'd like to try it on a large tile saw but need it to be about 3" wide and just a little thicker/stiffer. As far as thicker or stiffer you can simply double or triple it up.

    Is there a big difference between frog tape or gorilla tape and how easy is it removed from your saw?

    Yes, our adhesive is MUCH better than Frog Tape and even stronger than Gorilla Tape. The material itself is also MUCH thicker (necessary for preventing blow-out), so it is very easy to peel the material itself off, but it may leave some adhesive residue. This can be cleaned with lacquer thinner, acetone, Goof Off, etc.

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