Fastcap SpeedTape Adhesive Tape

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    Fastcap SpeedTape Adhesive Tape

    Fastcap SpeedTape - Ultra High Performance Adhesive Workshop Tape

    SpeedTape is FastCap's high performance ultra-bond adhesive in a peel and stick roll! Apply SpeedTape to almost anything you want to stick in place. Peel off the liner and stick it. If you have a peel and stick application, SpeedTape is the answer.

    SpeedTape 19mm x 15m Roll

    • Available in 50in rolls
    • Strengthens as it cures
    • Double sided PSA adhesive
    • Fantastic for edgebanding
    • Jigs and templates
    • General adhesive projects

    Originally developed to be mated with edgebanding for a quick peel & stick installation, SpeedTape can be used for anything including jigs, fixtures, even holding two pieces of timber together during some light-duty woodturning work.

    SpeedTape is avaiable in 15m rolls.

    19mm Wide x 15m Long
    $19.90 (inc GST)
    51mm Wide x 15m Long
    $57.90 (inc GST)

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