FastCap Kaizen Foam Spinner Set

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    FastCap Kaizen Foam Spinner Set FC-02975

    FastCap Kaizen Foam Spinner Set

    The Kaizen Foam Spinner is an innovative tool to flatten the cutouts in Kaizen Foam. Simply click it into any impact gun or drill and spin until the cutout is smooth and flat. The two sizes allow you to work within small or large cutouts quickly and easily. Sold as a set. 

    Spinners come in two sizes 19mm (4/") and 32mm (1 1/4"). You get one of each with this set.

    You've decided you want the best looking workshop buy buying Kaizen foam. Now make it look like it was professional cut for you with these spinners.

    This is another in the line of smart and revolutionary products from FastCap. 

    $9.90 (inc GST)

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