FastCap 3rd Hand HD Twin Pack Telescopic Support System

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    FastCap 3rd Hand HD Twin Pack Telescopic Support System FC-80473

    The Original FastCap 3rd Hand is always the Employee Of The Month

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    The 3rd Hand is the help you have been looking for. If you ever wished you had an extra hand, look no further. It is rugged, built to last a lifetime and it's never late for work! Brace, jack, or support whatever you need. 

    Perfect for hanging wall cabinets, holding crown mouldings, supporting roofing panels, helping gutter installation, creating dust barriers, mounting lasers, lighting etc. 

    3rd Hand Features

    • 1525-3660mm Telescopic Range.
    • Ball detents positively lock the telescopic poles in place across a range of stops.
    • Precision pump jack handles to adjust height.
    • Turn pole for micro-adjustments, built into the base.
    • Maximum load capacity of 68kg (150lb) per 3rd Hand.
    • Material - Steel & ABS
    • Load Capacity - 68kg (150 lbs)
    • Extension Range - 1448mm -  3657mm (57" - 144")
    • Outer Pole Diameter - 30mm (1 3/16")

    What's Included?

    • 2 x 3rd Hand Poles
    • 4 x 76x76mm 360° Articulating Feet
    • 2 x Magnetic Dust Barrier Feet
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