Fastcap Jack Of All Trades Clamp & Jack

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    Fastcap Jack Of All Trades Clamp & Jack FC-98021

    The Fastcap Jack of All Trades is woodworking legend

    The piece de resistance (yes, we failed highschool French) of Fastcap's range is this incredible jack, clamp and spreader combination that is the ultimate tool in every woodworker's arsenal. It simply does every job you can throw at it in incredible fashion - it's so lightweight and durable that you'll be wondering why all tools aren't made this good.

    We sure are.

    The new & improved Jack of All Trades is great for lifting base cabinets to install shims or adjust leg levelers. It can also be used as a clamp, for lifting and installing entry doors, or use it horizontally to pull flooring joints together.

    The Jack of All Trades clamps are sold as individual units.

    What can the Jack of All Trades do?

    • Jacking up base cabinets
    • Clamping floor joints
    • Hanging doors
    • So, so much more!


    It will now spread up to 635mm apart, clamp up to 450mm thick or lift up to 450mm high with a new, massive maximum load capacity of 90kg (200 lb).

    • Spread up to 25inches
    • Clamp up to 18inches
    • Lift up to 90 kilograms up to 18inches high!


    $109.90 (inc GST)

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