FastCap Custom Colour Hole Punch Kits

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    FastCap Custom Colour Hole Punch Kits

    You need one cap and not 1,000? The Custom Color Punch Kit is the tool for you. Take any standard edgebanding or veneer, apply SpeedTape, punch your cap out and you are done. It works well with edgebanding up to 0.5mm thick and includes heads to punch out 3/8in (9.5mm), 9/16in (14.3mm) and 18mm caps.

    The in-built ejector pin quickly and easily pushes the punched cap off the head for immediate use or to punch multiple caps from edgebanding and only needing to use one hand to get it done! 

    The Basic Kit Includes - 

    • Hard Shell Case
    • 15m x 25.4mm wide SpeedTape (order more SpeedTape here!)
    • Three punch heads (3/8in, 9/16in & 18mm)
    • Hole Punch Tool
    • Powerhead Screws

    The Deluxe Kit Includes - 

    • All of the above PLUS
    • 9/16in Flush Mount Carbide Drill Bit
    Basic FastCap Punch Kit
    $159.90 (inc GST)
    Deluxe FastCap Punch Kit
    $259.90 (inc GST)

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