FastCap 3rd Hand Upper Hand

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    FastCap 3rd Hand Upper Hand FC-80595

    FastCap's Upper Hand Work Support Arms 

    Perfect for commercial construction, FastCap Upper Hand are designed to support upper cabinets after the base cabinets have been installed.

    The Upper Hand has a range of 715 - 1525mm. It still uses the same construction as FastCap's Original 3rd Hand, so it also has a load capacity of 68kg (150lb) per hand.

    Upper Hand Features:

    • Precision pump jack system for easy height adjustment.
    • Ball detents positively lock the telescopic poles across a range of stops.
    • Upper Hand poles turn for micro-adjustments, built into the base.

    Upper Hand System Includes:

    • 2 x Upper Hand
    • 4 x  6" x 6" (152x152mm) Universal Feet
    • 1 x Nylon Carry Bag
    $239.90 (inc GST)

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