Face Frame Right-Angle Clamp

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    Face Frame Right-Angle Clamp MC-4004

    A right-angle face frame clamp is designed to make alignment and assembly of large work pieces that you are pocket hole jointing a simple and easy process. Rather than handling long clamps or fiddly mitre clamps, simply place the steel pin in the pocket hole that has been drill and the swiveling clamp on the opposite side grabs the second work piece securely, drawing the two pieces tightly together for a secure hold when screwing.

    The steel pin on the clamp fits snugly into a pocket hole, securely anchoring one workpiece against the other for easy assembly. Just drive a screw into an adjacent pocket hole while the it holds the piece steady for you, you can count on solid clamping without a chance of the joint shifting.

    The thumbscrew mechanism allows for quick and easy adjustment of jaw capacity whilst also maintaining consistent clamping pressure in use. 

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