Evolution Object Oil - Matte

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    Evolution Object Oil - Matte PNZ-07254-M

    Maintenance Oil for Interior Timber

    Replenishment, as a maintenance coat for surfaces already coated with Hardwax Oil. Removes most stains and minor scratching by buffing on a thin coat. Quick drying, can be applied at night and dry by morning with no aggressive odors. Repair, for smaller areas such as kitchen and bathroom bench-tops, Object Oil can easily be buffed on with a lint free cloth.

    For matte hardwax oiled surface, please make sure you are using Object Oil Matte, for all other sheen levels, Classic, Lustre, Satin and Gloss, please use the Object Oil Classic.

    Object Oil can also be used as a coating, in which case it is a 2 coat process.


    For raw timber • Surface must be properly sanded, Finish sanding with 120 Screen, surface must be grease- free, dust-free, clean and dry. • Different Timber species may give a different finish, please do a sample board if necessary. • Repair holes and cracks with Redifill Wood Filler. Surface Preparation as a maintenance coat: Clean and vacuum thoroughly.


    Application for raw untreated timber: •Stir and shake well. •With a roller, wet-on-wet, repeat rolling until the entire surface remains wet and the wood no longer absorbs oil (up to 60 minutes depending on the type of wood). •Remove excess oil with a trowel or rubber blade and immediately buff in with a white PAD (Ø 400 mm) until there are no residues. There must be no shiny patches or oil splashes, it must appear dry. For hard to reach surfaces, use a lint free cloth. •For softer porous timbers, apply thin coat using slow speed buffer and white pad. Polish with a red pad after at least 12 hours drying time. Maintenance of Existing surface 1. Vacuum the floor toughly 2. Pour a small puddle on the floor no bigger than the palm of your hand. 3. Place the white pad on the buffing machine directly on the puddle. 4. Spread with a slow-speed rotary polisher and white pad (see video on website) 5. Buff the area until there is no evidence of swirl marks 6. With a lint free cloth buff by hand around the floors’ perimeter.

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