Easy Wood Tools Beading Carbide Cutters Negative Rake

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    Easy Wood Tools Beading Carbide Cutters Negative Rake

    Easy Wood Tools offer a range of high quality, easy to use carbide tipped woodturning tools. These tools make turning safe, fast and fun. Whether you are a new woodturner or a part timer, Easy Wood Tools have the best tools for you.

    Easy Wood Tools patented Negative Rake Carbide Cutters virtually eliminate chipping and catches when turning resins, acrylic, and other composite materials. Excellent results when turning very hard woods and very smooth finishing cuts. Very effective for hollowing, allows for smooth catch-free passes.

    Turn an Easy Rougher into a Beading Tool by adding a Negative Rake Carbide Beading Cutter. These beading cutters are designed to fit on an Easy Rougher that is engraved with, or accepts, Ci2 carbide cutters:

    No need to invest in one-purpose beading tools when you can add these cutters to create a multi-use tool!

    Easy to use for all turning skill levels. Available in four Beading Diameters:

    • 1/8"
    • 3/16"
    • 1/4"
    • 3/8"

    Choose your preferred option from the dropdown menu

    Easy Wood Negative Rake Carbide Cutters

    In their constant effort to improve your turning experience, Easy Wood were the first to create a true Negative Rake Carbide Cutter. Rake is the angle of a tool relative to its cutting surface, and most turning tools have a zero (or neutral) rake. These tips have a negative rake, so the face of the cutting tool slopes away from the cutting edge. The geometry makes a cut less aggressive and safer. The negative rake angle virtually eliminates chatter and chipping.

    Turn with confidence

    With the explosion of composite materials in the turning world, some find them difficult to work with using traditional steel tools. They catch easily which can be dangerous and scary - especially for newbies. Turn resin or acrylic with confidence. Easy Wood Negative Rake Carbide Cutters create smooth, safe, continuous cuts and make turning composite made materials and super hard woods safer and easier.​

    Long lifespan

    How long does a Negative Rake carbide cutter last? How long is a piece of string? But seriously, depending on the material you are turning, an Easy Wood Carbide Cutter has a lifespan of 20 hours per cutter edge.

    Easy to change

    The Easy Wood Carbide Cutters are easy to change. Using the hex key supplied with your turning tool you can change your carbide cutter easily.

    Made in the USA

    Easy Wood Tools and Carbide Cutters are a high-quality product 100% designed and made in the USA.

    Why choose Easy Wood Tools

    If you are seeking an easy entry into woodturning then choose Easy Wood Tools. Here are four reasons why:

    • The tools are easy to use. You do not need developed technique. Just keep the tool flat on the tool rest and parallel to the floor. Easy.
    • Every tool comes with a fresh, sharp standard carbide cutter already installed. They are ready to go out of the box. Your tool also comes with a hex key that fits the cutter mounting screw, ready for when you want to rotate of replace the tip.
    • You don’t have to sharpen. Forget buying an elaborate sharpening setup. You won’t need it.
    • Negative rake cutters virtually eliminate chipping and catches when turning resins, acrylic, and other man-made materials.
    Easy Wood Tools are guaranteed to get you woodturning today. Read on to learn more about Easy Wood. Watch the videos and see how Easy Wood can ease you into wood turning.
    3.2mm wide negative rake
    $69.90 (inc GST)
    4.8mm wide negative rake
    $69.90 (inc GST)
    6.4mm wide negative rake
    $69.90 (inc GST)
    9.5mm wide negative rake
    $69.90 (inc GST)

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