Dust Extractor Y-Connector Outlet Reducer

  • Dust Extractor Y-Connector Outlet Reducer YW-1076

    Convert 4in Dust Hose to 2.5in Hose with Sherwood's Y Connector Single Outlet Dust Hose Reducer

    Want to split off a 2 1/2in hose line from a 4in duct? Connect 4in hose to both straight ends and then connect your 2 1/2in hose to the Y-reducer coming off the side - perfect for the burgeoning range of extractor fittings available in the new 2 1/2in common size. While previously you would have had to replace large sections or worse, now it's simply one high-quality, durable reducer fitting!

    Why do we think Sherwood hose reducers are so good?

    We can't tell you how many stories we've heard of Y Connectors off the big online retail giants failing to fit and charging exorbitant re-stocking fees! It's such a shame that big companies rip off their customers, but that's why we're a brick and mortar store, and we only stock high-quality dust extraction fittings that fit the measurements they say they will!

    Rather than being rigid plastic, many of Sherwood's reducers and other dust extraction fittings are built from a rugged resin construction that flexes rather than cracking - great for being moved around regularly.

    With a heavy-duty design and careful testing all the way through the manufacturing process, we can guarantee these Y Connectors will offer incredible service for a lifetime. Like all Sherwood manufacturing, they provide the highest quality, best-tested fittings available on the market. Trust a brand that don't just make dust collection fittings, but entire dust collectors as well.

    Many connectors and reducers on the market are poor, cheap imitations made with little quality control and this leads to poor fitment - so many of our customers tell us they've been previously duped by the online retail giants selling cheap knock-offs that don't end up fitting their hoses despite the listed measurements. These connectors and reducers are guaranteed by Sherwood's quality control, meaning no sharp edges, rough bits or bowed measurements.

    Just reliable service for years to come.

    Large End: 93mm ID, 99.5mm OD
    Small End: 58mm ID, 62mm OD

    • Solid, rugged construction
    • Carefully designed, measured and tested to ensure perfect fitting every time
    • Strong hold! All our fittings are built to last a long time without any leakage
    • No rough patches, just smooth moulding throughout
    $15.90 (inc GST)

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