Dust Extractor Hood - Medium

  • Dust Extractor Hood - Medium YW-1083

    The perfect medium-sized Machinery Dust Extraction Hood

    Perfect for making your own dust collection cowlings, this unit is a reasonable size - 340 x 184mm - and benefits from having a ledge on either side with 10.5mm holes and a large flat inlet on the long sides to be able to mount easily in a range of different applications. The 4in outlet on the back has a grating to prevent large offcuts from going into the hose - a handy feature if using as a cowling behind mitre saws.

    Many customers want to set up their own collection stands next to their work piece. The problem is finding the right connector as a chute. This dust hood can solve many of these workshop problems. 

    Sherwood's Extractor Fitting Dust Hood 340x184mm 4in 100mm Features

    • Easy solution for catching sawdust
    • Great size inlet (340x184mm)
    • Tough, durable ABS plastic material
    • Outlet ID 88mm, OD 96mm

    Why do we think this Dust Hood is so good?

    Capture dust at the source and send it directly into your dust collection system with Sherwood's Dust Hood. We've been using this hood for some time, and we've found it a phenomenally easy attachment that makes it far easier to collect dust and saw chippings, a very enviable, efficient attachment.

    A dust hood that can be built into bases and shop-made chute systems to extract from any number of machines! With the 4” outlet towards the bottom of the hood, they are perfect for using at the bottom of a chute – such as that of a jointer. Versatility is key with these sorts of chute add ons and Sherwood - as a timeless manufacturer of machinery for over 30 years - has emphasised an incredibly easy to install, universal design that we've already used on several machines in our workshop with sensational results.

    $19.90 (inc GST)

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