Bow Bandsaw GuidePRO Anchor Bar

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    Bow Bandsaw GuidePRO Anchor Bar BGP-10

    Extend The Use Of The Bow GUIDEPRO To a Table Saw Or Router

    The Bow GuidePRO Anchor Bar is an accessory to the Bow GuidePRO (sold separately) that provides a continuous fixed securement of the GuidePRO into a 3/4” (19-20mm) mitre slot.

    The Anchor Bar attaches to the GuidePRO base and provides options for a left or right 13-degree feed position. The GuidePRO comes with a pivot locking cam for fast set up.  Although the cam sets up quick, it does require reset with cut.  Some users may prefer a permanent lockdown which is why Bow introduced the Anchor Bar. Ideal for repetitive feeds of consistent cuts of similar material. 

    The GuidePRO Anchor Bar extends the use of the GuidePRO to the Router and Table Saw where a fixed Anchor is required due to blade motion versus a Bandsaw.

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