Bote-Cote TPRDA Epoxy Resin

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    Bote-Cote TPRDA Epoxy Resin

    Please Note: This product is to be used in conjunction with two-part epoxy resins (sold separately).

    Timber Preservative and Reactive Diluent. What a crazy name, we just should change it but it is so unique perhaps we won't. This is a very thin epoxy resin combined with a fungus and bacteria inhibiting agent. It acts by reducing the viscosity of Bote-Cote and more importantly the surface tension of the epoxy mix. When mixed with the first coat of epoxy it enables the epoxy to wick further into the timber than any other method we have found or other manufacturers saturating or penetrating first coat that we have been able to test. The inhibiting agent helps (along with the sealing of the timber to prevent the ingress of moisture and oxygen) to suppress rots etc over the life of the item.

    Timber Preservative and Reactive Diluent Agent. This contains a preservative to help deter rot, and it reduces both the viscosity and the surface.

    Use with Bote-Cote Epoxy System @ 20% in mixed Resin and Hardener Volume.

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