Bote-Cote Epoxy Resin Filler - High Strength Filler

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    Bote-Cote Epoxy Resin Filler - High Strength Filler

    Strengthen your Bote-Cote epoxy with this high strength resin filler.

    This powder is designed when mixed with Bote-Cote to give maximum strength for critical situations such as catamaran cross beams and rudder posts. It has micro-glass fibres in it which make it very strong, but if you want to sand it or cut it, it is murder on the edges of your tools.

    Filler Powders are added to liquid Bote-Cote epoxy to thicken it to use it as a gap-filling glue, or as a putty for filling holes and depressions or for filleting.  It is also used to make a paste that can be smoothed over an uneven surface to allow sanding to a truly smooth finish once it hardens.  These filling powders make the epoxy more useful by altering its strength, texture, sandability, colour and whether it remains where it is put or runs out of the gaps before it goes hard.

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