Bison 1879 Splitting Axe with Overstrike Protector and Leather Sheath

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    Bison 1879 Splitting Axe with Overstrike Protector and Leather Sheath BIS-021695

    Do you love a wood fire? Do you need solid heavy axe to split firewood? Then check out this Splitting Axe from Bison 1879. Bison has been forging quality tools for over 125 years. When you need to split wood, pick up a Bison 1879 Axe.

    Split like a demon with a Bison 1879 hand forged axe. These axes are of the highest quality preferred by armies, firefighters and foresters worldwide. Make sure you shove a Bison in your kit before escaping civilisation.

    Bison 1879 Universal Splitting Axe

    This Bison Splitting Axe is a very solid axe. The heavy head-weight has a medium-sharp ground edge. The slightly concave head shape works to ensure sustained splitting energy. The weight of the handle also assists the axes splitting power. The axe features a metal overstrike protector for handle longevity. This axe is perfect for splitting even the largest and heaviest wooden blocks and logs.


    • Splitting blocks and logs
    • Splitting firewood


    • Hand-forged axe head
    • Precise cutting edge with sharp polish
    • Metal overstrike protective collar
    • Oiled American Hickory handle
    • Genuine leather blade guard
    • Stainless Steel Bison Medallion is your assurance of a genuine Bison 1879
    • Made in Germany
    • 10 year warranty


    • Handle Length – 800mm
    • Head weight – 2.2kg
    • Handle - American Hickory
    • Blade construction - Forged German Steel hardened to HRC51-56

    What's Included

    • 1 x Splitting Axe with 800mm handle and overstrike protector
    • 1 x Leather edge protector

    Hardened German Steel

    Bison 1879 is a return to the Master Blacksmith’s art of hand forging traditional axes of the highest quality, using traditional designs and only the highest quality German Steel hardened to HRC51-56.

    American Hickory Handles

    Every Bison 1879 is fitted with an American hickory handle and wedged with both wood and steel wedges for ultimate durability.

    Who are Bison 1879

    Made in Germany. Bison have been making hand forged traditional axes for the highest quality for more than a century. Used by armies, firefighters and foresters worldwide, shove a Bison 1879 Axe in your kit before you escape civilisation.

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