Bessey Parallel K Body Clamp Extender

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    Bessey Parallel K Body Clamp Extender KBX-20

    A tough-built, hardy and guaranteed to work K-Body Clamp Extender Kit

    It's Bessey, so you know it's going to work every time with incredible German efficiency! A way better solution that pipe clamps, these K-Body extenders have bolts that easily fit through the extender and the clamp bar, making the clamp as long as both pieces combined. You can then hand-tighten and in some circumstances even remove the fixed part of the clamp, giving even more length! 

    This way, rather than invest in new clamps, you can simply turn your existing ones into huge lengths!

    Parallel K-Body Clamp Extender Features

    • Connect any two K-Body REVO’s to increase the clamping capacity.
    • Precision aluminium extrusion with steel bolts and nuts
    • Strong Clamp extension when you need increased capacity
    • Each KBX20 can join any 2 Bessel K-Body REVO Clamps together to create a larger capacity Clamp
    • The connector is made of robust aluminium and comes with two red adapters.

    K-Body Extender Specifications

    $62.90 (inc GST)

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