Bessey K Body Clamp Jaw Tilting Adaptor

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    Bessey K Body Clamp Jaw Tilting Adaptor KRAS

    Make angled clamping projects a breeze with the Bessey Tilting Adaptor

    The Bessey Tilting Adaptor replaces the slip cover jaw and can pivot 15 degrees either side, applying clamping pressure extremely evenly on virtually any angle. This makes all forms of clamping jobs on any angle so much easier, let alone cutting shims and other forms of wedge. They also allow you to clamp on parallel surfaces, which make the Bessey K-Body clamps an absolute necessity for any workshop.

    There is a fantastic review of these below.

    Clamp Parallel K-Body Clamp Jaw Tilting Adapter Features

    • Adapter with tilting clamping jaws with a tilt range of -15° to +15°
    • Clamping on sloping and parallel surfaces
    • Sold as a set of two jaws to suit one K-Body REVO clamp


    New Woodworker - 'Ingenious!'

    "An ingenious Vario K Body Revo accessory is the new Bessey Tilting Adaptor (KR-AS) that mounts directly to the standard jaws and make clamping up assemblies with angled surfaces much easier. All you have to do to install the Tilting Adaptor is slip the jaw cover off and slide the Tilting Adaptor on in its place. That holds the Tilting Adaptor in position and simplifies using them substantially when you don't have an extra hand available.

    "The Tilting Adaptors are pure high-end Bessey in design, materials and manufacture. Each has a 7" by 1" clamping surface that features a non-marring, non-staining material on the clamping surface. The length of the jaw helps apply even clamping pressure over a larger area and the face of the jaw is slightly tapered to maintain the maximum amount of contact when the wood is not perfectly parallel. The jaw is made from high-strength plastic with engineered internal webbing that keeps them rigid."

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