Benchcrafted Workbench Swing Away Seat Hardware

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    Benchcrafted Workbench Swing Away Seat Hardware BCSAS

    Workbench Swing Away Seat: Always there, but never there

    PLEASE NOTE; This only includes the hardware. You will need to attach a seat of your choosing.

    Sitting comfortably at your workbench is a luxury many of us simply don't have. At least, until now. If your workshop is as pressed for space as most people's then it's no surprise if a rickety old stool, or nothing at all, is the best you can muster.

    But such an important part of enjoying your hobby or profession is being comfortable doing it, and an ergonomically designed, swivel-away seat is an innovative answer. Functionally it is everything you'd expect from something with the Benchcrafted name on it.

    Why a swing-away seat?

    Chopping waste between dovetails, making decorative inlay and other close work is best done from a steady, seated position. The work is brought closer to your eyes and chest, which helps you to work more precisely and comfortably. It's also a great spot to take a break, check email, or have lunch. 

    Stand-alone stools can be cumbersome in your bench area, often getting in your way when you stand up to check your work. Having a stool underfoot can be a tripping hazard or just plain annoying. The Swing Away Seat is always at the ready, just swing it into position and have a seat. When you're through with it, simply stand up, bump the seat with your leg and it swings under your bench, out of the way.

    It's not only useful in a workshop setting, but also in the kitchen, dining area, bar or restaurant, where you can easily clean under the seat since its not attached to the floor.

    How to mount?

    The height of the seat is not adjustable once mounted. Mounting the seat is easy with two 63mm (1/2in) diameter lag screws or machine bolts and nuts, depending on your mounting surface. The Swing Away seat will pivot a bit over 180 degrees. 
    The mount and bracket are cast in gray iron and powder coated in a satin black finish. The pivot pins that join the mount to the bracket are steel with a black oxide finish.

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