Baladonia Turning Tool Set of 6

  • Baladonia Turning Tool Set of 6 WTS-6

    We have sold the same set from the same factory for 20 years now. Thousands of woodturners have gotten their start with these chisels and many don't upgrade to the quality English brands in these sizes because they perform admirably in most turning work. The blades are good quality high-speed-steel that hold their edge well and are easy to grind to shape. Great to practice on to get your grinds how you like them once experienced.

    The Ash handles are lacquered and they come in a wooden storage box. The selection of profiles in the set gives you a comprehensive range of chisels to do both spindle and faceplate (bowl) turning and we specified these as they are the most common standard sizes of each chisel to maximize usability. 

    The Set Includes - 

    • 10mm spindle gouge
    • 13mm bowl gouge
    • 22mm roughing gouge
    • 19mm round nose scraper
    • 5 x 20mm diamond parting tool
    • 25mm oval skew chisel
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