Baladonia Trammel Set

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    Baladonia Trammel Set

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    This item is a personal favourite of ours here at Timbecon due to its simple, yet effective design. Utilizing a piece of 610mm t-track with a scale attached to the back of the extruded and anodized aluminium profile gives you a perfectly straight trammel arm that can scribe circles up to 1220mm diameter.

    Taking 25mm-diameter solid aluminium rod, the two heads are precision milled so they snugly saddle the trammel with zero side play, yet slide freely up and down the arm to make it easy to adjust accurately. Because of the rectangular cross-section, the heads cannot rotate or twist once locked in place against the bar using solid brass knurled screws that do not damage the side of the bar.

    The measurements are easily adjusted - simply line the first head flush with the end of the trammel arm and use the edge of the second head closest to the first head to measure out the radius, no need to measure between the two points on a separate rule.

    Included are two hardened steel points for normal scribing work on timber, man-made board or metals, as well as a pointed knife for marking through more difficulty-grained timbers. It also has a pencil for better legibility if required. 

    And now the Trammel Set has got a sibling - the 610mm extension kit (available separately) - which includes a joiner and second piece of t-track to extend the length of the bar out to 1220mm - so you can measure anywhere up to 2400mm diameter circles! 

    610mm Trammel Set
    $69.90 (inc GST)
    610mm Extension Kit
    $24.90 (inc GST)

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