Baladonia 13mm Keyed Drill Chuck

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    Baladonia 13mm Keyed Drill Chuck DCA-132

    A heavy-duty 13mm keyed drill chuck with the most common 2 Morse Taper & Chuck Key

    Chuck this on your shopping list: This chuck has a range of 1 - 13mm, making it hugely versatile and a fantastic resource for any workshop. The reason it has such an expansive range is because it's precision engineered by the world's premier drill press chuck experts and broadly speaking, many of the other chucks on the market don't have a high level of engineering, which hurt consumers in the long run.

    It's also made specifically for ease of operation - it includes the common #2MT arbor (and chuck key), to ensure that ordering and fitment is as easy as possible to suit over 90% of requests we receive. We've specced this model to try to fit as many of our customer's (and our staff's) enquiries as possible, but our first priority is always making sure that it's not just a jack of all trades, it's a master of all.

    The slip-resistant grip on this chuck makes it far easier to use than many of the others we've encountered over the years, while the all-metal construction and ultra-reliable reversing mechanism means you won't suffer from the grinding or poor fitment that cheaper models often trouble you with.


    • Heavy-duty design and construction means it will last a lifetime
    • Built by an industrial keyed chuck manufacturer
    • 1-13mm range
    • Common 2 Morse Taper Arbor
    • Strong chuck key, duh.

    Industrial quality key chucks

    We scoured far and wide to find the best manufacturer of keyed chucks we could find, because when you buy one of these beauties you expect them to last. This particular chuck comes from the industrial drill press industry's biggest OE manufacturers of drill chucks in the world.

    It's the chuck you'll see in any self-respecting manufacturing factory for some of the world's greatest brands, so quality is assured.

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