Torquata Steel T-Bar Sash Clamp 914mm Heavy Duty Panel Clamping

  • Torquata Steel T-Bar Sash Clamp 914mm Heavy Duty Panel Clamping TBAR-3

    Torquata T-Bar Sash Clamps: You always need good quality sash clamps.

    We have stocked just about every brand of sash clamp available in Australia over the years, and up until now have never imported our own as we couldn't find one that had the right mix of quality and price. There are no shortage of 'meh' sash clamps on the market that aren't heavy-duty enough to encompass all the basic loads and clamping pressure that you'll require from a sash clamp during the normal types of projects us woodworkers take on.

    We genuinely believe the Torquata sash clamps are the best of both worlds. They're the strongest sash clamps you'll ever find at this price. We have finally found it in this range and will now only stock this range as it has the same quality as clamps costing four times as much or even more. 

    These clamps have the following features:

    • Drawn and rolled t-bar profile that will never bend or distort
    • Ductile cast-iron clamp head and foot
    • Drawn steel bar with fine rolled thread adjustment that will never slip
    • Drawn steel handle that will never bend under normal use

    These t-bar sash clamps are a pleasure to use and will offer a lifetime of use. Available in sets of four to get great savings.


    914mm Length = 750mm Clamping Capacity

    $74.90 (inc GST)

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