Torquata Heavy Duty Pipe Clamp for 3/4in Pipe Panel Clamping

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    Torquata Heavy Duty Pipe Clamp for 3/4in Pipe Panel Clamping CPC-2

    'The best value pipe clamps in Australia' - The Wood Knight

    Pipe clamps are ideal for a range of woodworking projects and are the preferred choice for woodworkers who are looking to save money and hassle. They provide an excellent alternative to bar clamps, taking on those large scale projects that spring clamps can't suffice with ease. We stock a huge range from 900mm (35in) all the way up to 2100mm (82in) with extended feet.

    These take every feature from the most expensive pipe clamps in the world and bring them to a pipe clamp that's more reliable, easier to use, heavier-duty and a quarter of the price. That's Torquata, that's why they're famous. One of Australia's most popular woodworking experts, The Wood Knight, on his YouTube channel, made a PSA entirely unsponsored video (with calling them the best value pipe clamps in Australia. That pretty much sums it all up.

    Why pipe clamps?

    Clutched pipe clamps are a cost-effective and lighter option to traditional T-bar sash clamps that have a fair heft to them. This pipe clamp follows the popular modern design in having taller feet with a cast crank handle, thereby saving your knuckles from being caught under the handle when tensioning the work piece. It works with standard 3/4in BSP threaded pipe (also known as 20mm pipe here in Australia), which you can also purchase as a kit as listed below - or supply your own pipe.

    The head and foot are produced from ductile cast-iron with the thread bright steel bar and the thread rolled into it to ensure it does not slip even when fully tightened. The triple-clutch plate design will not slip even under significant load and the non-marring plastic boots are included to reduce any accidental damage to the work piece.

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