Sherwood Router Extension Wing for Table Saws Cast Iron 685 x 406mm Plus Fence

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    Sherwood Router Extension Wing for Table Saws Cast Iron 685 x 406mm Plus Fence RT-685-K10

    The Sherwood Router Table Extension Wing is an industrial masterclass

    Please note: These kits are designed to fit most cast iron table saws. Table saw is not included.

    The Dust Collection Box and Plunge Router Lift is not included in this kit. It is available in the Deluxe Kit. 

    Strapped for space but still want one of the best router table systems available in Australia? With a bit of drilling work you can mount the Baladonia 685 x 406mm cast-iron router top to your table saw. Shown here is the deluxe kit with the full router lift, and dust collection box attached to our own TS-250-SL-30-F cabinet saw.

    Because most table saws have a table depth of 685mm (27in) this should be a direct fit to table saws of this depth. For other saws that have say 740mm table depth, a gap between the rear rail and the edge of the table of approximately 65mm probably won't be a dealbreaker either to mount it.

    So how does it work?

    Included in the kits is hardware to mount the extension wing to your saw. Hold the wing in place and mark three holes (already pre-cast) through the edge of the extension wing on your saw, then drill the cast-iron out with a twist drill (we recommend 16mm for extra adjustability in case its out slightly) and use the included bolts M12 bolts to fix in place. In the case of the SL-30-F saw, there are bolt holes on the front and rear fence rails that line up against the wing that can also now be drilled out with countersunk-head bolts included to bolt in place. You may need to provide your own hardware if the hardware included doesn't match your saw. This means the wing is bolted in place on three sides, making it an integral part of the saw.

    This basic kit that includes the following:

    There are three potential issues that are compromises with this package over the standalone router table packages that we sell that we feel you shoulder consider while weighing up -

    1. Because of the extra mass being hung from the side of the table saw that was not necessarily designed for by the saw manufacturer, there may be a possibility that the whole saw could tilt and fall over. We recommend being on the safe side and mounting some simple legs to the side of the saw that this table is mounted to in case tipping is likely - especially if the package is installed to the right-side of the blade.
    2. You will need to mount and remove the router fence every time you swap between the two modes (using as a table saw or using as a router table).
    3. Because there is no space to mount the fence using the included table side mounting brackets, at this stage it is not possible to fit the fine adjustment assembly kit. You could possibly look at coming up with a solution to fit this but you may also not find it necessary to have this on your table.

    If you want the best in router table package built into the footprint of your existing table saw, then you really can't go past this as an option. While there are some compromises we believe that none are dealbreakers and think that most users would find this workstation a valuable addition if floor space is at a premium.

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    RRP: $999.00

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