Sherwood 10A Switchbox for Router Tables

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    Sherwood 10A Switchbox for Router Tables RTSW-10

    A high-quality, durable Router Table Switchbox

    Building your own router table or need a remote switchbox for another application?

    The router table switchbox is available separately on its own. It doesn’t come with any mounting brackets, however the front face of the switch can be removed to gain access to the four mounting holes located in the back of the box. You can make your own adapter plate or use the holes to directly screw to a surface for mounting.

    The switch box is rated up to 10 amps and has a direct contact switch mechanism. This means that if the power is shut off for any reason, when the power resumes that the switch will cause the unit plugged into it to turn on immediately. If you lose power to the unit, turn the switch off or unplug the tool immediately for safety.

    It also has a removable locking key so you can prevent accidental turning on by removing the key and taking it with you.

    $79.90 (inc GST)

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