Sherwood Dust Extractor Pleated Filter Cartridges 370x610mm Suits 1HP Units

  • Sherwood Dust Extractor Pleated Filter Cartridges 370x610mm Suits 1HP Units PFC-1610

    Sherwood make the best 1 Micron Dust Extractor Pleated Filters in Australia

    Pleated Filter Cartridges 370x610mm Suits 1HP Units

    What's better, their pleated cannisters also fit the Jet 1900 and Jet 1200 dust extractors, among a huge range of other dust extractors on the market. This means whatever dust extractor you're using, you can have one of the finest filtration cartridges on the market for a fraction of the cost of what the big US brands will charge. All with super fast delivery? That's our offer.

    Pleated Filter Cannister Features

    • Filters down to an industry-leading 1 micron, over 29 microns better than a standard cloth bag (even 10 better than needle felt)
    • Hassle free installation, incredibly fine dust filtration
    • Saves the lifespan of your dust extractor
    • Means less emptying of your bags
    • Best of all, they're so much better for your health
    • Incredibly well designed: Built in is a handle at the top for turning an internal brush that knocks the trapped fine particles down into the collection bag underneath.
    • When used for more than 4 hours its recommended to clean the inside of the filter by turning the brush.

    What's so good about Pleated Filter Cartridges?

    Cloth dust extractor bags will filter down to 30 microns and even needle felt filter bags will only filter down to 10 microns – creating a puff of fine dust every time you turn your machine on as well as cycling very fine particles through the bag in use. Because most standard bags will only filter 30 microns, there are two options to solve the problem of getting dust out of the air – either invest in an air cleaning filter, or add a pleated filter cartridge to your extractor. These cartridges filter down to incredible 1-micron dust particles, all out of the air so it easily removes dust of any dangerous size that can do harm to your health.

    And it can do serious harm to your health. Trust us, you don't want to breathing in that fine dust, when you're dealing in the single numero micron range, your throats natural filtration does nothing, so it sits on your lungs and causes havoc down the track. Personally, we recommend the fitment of a pleated filter cartridge. These filters will clean the air cycling through down to 1 micron and with the pleated filter configuration increase the filtering surface area up to seven times than a standard bag ensuring there is no loss of efficiency that comes with finer filtration.

    Dust Extractor Pleated Filter Cartridge Compatibility

    We recommend that the PFC-1610 be used for the FM-300 dust extractor and two can also be used for the FM-400 extractor.

    These cartridges have been designed for Sherwood products. We do not know if they work with other brands.

    $249.00 (inc GST)

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